Present Tense Farm is a diversified vegetable farm dedicated to mindful growing practices. As a partnership of love and labor, Neil and Jayme cultivate vegetables, herbs and flowers in the Snoqualmie River Valley, about 25 miles outside Seattle. The endeavor began in 2013 after several seasons of work and observation on sustainable farms in Montana and Oregon, where we first met as apprentices.

Growing Practices

We believe in farming practices that respect all living things: people, plants, soil as well as our lovable pollinators. We hold a deep respect for other gifts of nature including the water and air which sustain life. We are modern farmers dedicated to time-honored agricultural practices. Our sustainable approach to the work we love nourishes the soil through thoughtful tillage and incorporation of organic matter.
We always source seeds that we trust and use no synthetic inputs. We manage our weed pressures and soil fertility with cover cropping and smart crop rotations. Pests are controlled to the extent that we can by the use of row covers, crop diversity and beneficial plantings. Everything we sell comes from our field and is seeded, planted, watered, weeded and harvested by us.


neil subhash


jayme haselow