Present Tense Farm is a mixed vegetable farm situated in the Snoqualmie River Valley, about 25 miles outside Seattle, Washington. Our farm is diverse in terms of both crops and markets. Established in 2013, Neil Subhash and Jayme Haselow grow vegetables, herbs and flowers that thrive in our Pacific Northwest climate, with a focus on the unique and hard-to-find. We sell direct to local eaters through Seattle's Magnolia and West Seattle Farmers Markets, chef-driven restaurants and the Snoqualmie Valley Farmers Cooperative. 


We are modern farmers dedicated to time-honored agricultural practices. All of our vegetables are grown with organic practices. Our mindful approach to the work we love nourishes the soil through thoughtful tillage and incorporation of organic matter. We sow seasonal cover crops to build fertility and prevent erosion during our flood-prone winters in the Snoqualmie River Valley. Our weed pressures are managed through mechanized and human-powered tools and pests are managed to the extent that we can by the use of row covers, crop diversity and beneficial plantings. Our native pollinators are an important part of the farm ecosystem, and we provide them with forage and habitat.